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Non stick coating for roller manufacturing

Non stick coating for roller manufacturing

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Basic parameters of coating

Scope of application: Anti sticking and anti sticking of parts

● Coating thickness0.1-0.3mm

● Coating roughnessRa3.0-15.0

 Coating colorGray, black, white

 Spraying substrateMetal surface


Coating of non stick adhesive tape

        ·In disposable sanitary equipment; Rubber, plastic products machinery and mold; Wood, paper and printing machinery; Shoes, clothing, packaging and other industries are applied to coating machine, printing machine, printing and dyeing machine, tape production machinery, diaper production machinery, etc. The driving roller of these machines often needs to contact the gluing surface, printing surface or printing and dyeing surface, and the non dry printing surface and printing and dyeing surface are easy to contaminate the roller and affect the product surface pattern.

       ·The non stick coating of the product improves the non stick effect and prolongs the service life; Reduce the intensity and cycle of equipment maintenance, improve equipment efficiency, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

       ·It has been proved by experiments that the roll with non stick coating on its surface can be coated with hot-melt adhesive commonly used in paper processing industry. After cooling, the adhesive layer can be easily peeled off by hand without any adhesive layer residue, and the non stick effect is particularly remarkable. Through the trial on the transmission roller of disposable sanitary equipment, the efficiency of adhesive pollution treatment in the production process is obviously improved, the product quality and production efficiency are greatly improved, and the key technology of the equipment and even the industry is solved.

Industry application

Paper products processing industry: It solves the problems of glue and adhesion in the process of transition roll rotation.

Industry application

Non standard automation industry:It improves the anti sticking performance of adhesive materials such as adhesive tape and label on the surface of flat plate and other metal parts.

New energy industry: improve the anti sticking performance of key components in the process of battery production and packaging

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