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About PEEK Film

PEEK film (polyether ether ketone film) is a high-performance engineering plastic film with excellent resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, and chemicals, and is therefore used in a wide range of applications in many fields, including electronics, medical, and aerospace. Applying PEEK film to tonearms can offer some unique properties and advantages, such as enhanced acoustic properties, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and more.

Polyether ether ketone is in the main chain structure contains a ketone bond and two ether bond repeating unit composed of polymers, is a special polymer materials. With high temperature resistance, self-lubricating, chemical corrosion resistance, irradiation resistance, easy processing, small coefficient of thermal expansion, good dimensional stability and other physicochemical properties, is a class of semi-crystalline polymer materials, melting point 343 ℃, Tg = 143 ℃, its loaded heat distortion temperature of up to 315 ℃, instantaneous use of the temperature up to 300 ℃. Tensile strength of 132~148MPa, density 1.265 (amorphous) ~ 1.320 (crystalline) g/cm3; the maximum crystallinity can be achieved for 48%, usually 20~30%, can be used as high-temperature-resistant structural materials and electrical insulating materials, and can be composite with glass fibre or carbon fibre to prepare reinforcing materials. This material has a large number of applications in the aerospace field, medical device field (as artificial bone to repair bone defects) and industrial fields, known as the tip of the pyramid of the plastics industry.

Peek Film Application Methods

Some of the possible ways in which PEEK film can be used in acoustic membranes

Vibrating Membranes

PEEK film can be used to make vibrating membranes that can enhance the acoustic performance of audio equipment. Its high strength and abrasion resistance provide a longer service life.

Acoustic Insulation

PEEK films can be used to make acoustic insulation that can help reduce sound transmission or block external noise.

Corrosion Resistance Protection

PEEK film can be used as a protective layer for voice diaphragms to provide corrosion and chemical resistance, thereby extending the life of the diaphragm.

Microphone Diaphragms

PEEK film can be used to make diaphragms for microphones to improve sound reception and transmission efficiency.

Speaker Diaphragms

PEEK films can be used in speaker diaphragms to help improve sound quality and sound presentation.

Headphone Diaphragms

PEEK films can be used to manufacture the diaphragm portion of headphones to enhance sound clarity and sound quality.


PEEK films made from engineering plastics PEEK resins through thermoplastic moulding are

divided into two types: low-crystalline and high-crystalline. PEEK films have the following remarkable properties


Mechanical Properties

A plastic film with a balance of toughness and rigidity, especially its excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stresses is the most outstanding of all plastics and comparable to alloy materials.


High temperature resistance

Can withstand the temperature of the lead-free soldering process, film thickness of 25-155 microns between the rti level of 220 ℃ for non-impact mechanical applications, electrical applications is 200 ℃, carbonation point to 500 ℃ is still stable.



in all plastic films with outstanding sliding characteristics, suitable for strict requirements of low coefficient of friction and friction wear-resistant use, especially carbon fibre, graphite each accounted for a certain proportion of mixed modified PEEK film self-lubricating performance is better.


Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance)

Excellent chemical resistance. In the usual chemicals that can dissolve or destroy it is only concentrated sulfuric acid, its corrosion resistance is similar to nickel steel.


Flame retardant

Very stable polymer, without adding any flame retardant can achieve the highest flame retardant standards, halogen-free, in line with IEC 61249-2-21 standard.


Hydrolysis resistance

Not affected by water and high-pressure water vapour chemistry, products made of this film material in high temperature and high pressure water continuous use can still maintain excellent characteristics.


Fatigue resistance

The best fatigue resistance among all resin films.


Irradiation resistance

Strong resistance to high irradiation, and still maintains good insulation ability under ultra-high irradiation dose.


Stripping resistance

Very good stripping resistance, can be made into a very thinly wrapped electromagnetic wire, and can be used under harsh conditions.


Melting processability

Melting point temperature above the fusion with the metal, ultrasonic sealing easy (PET film can also be sealed), laser can be dissolved and printing.


High sound clarity

Avoiding the "hearing fatigue" caused by the noisy sound of metal film, achieving better acoustic performance.


Environmental protection and safety

Lightweight, recyclable, RoHS compliant, can be used to manufacture products in line with the same directive requirements, in line with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

PEEK Film Applications

PEEK films can be used in the production of a wide range of products due to their high performance characteristics.

Due to their high performance characteristics, PEEK films can be used in the production of products in a wide range of fields,

thus improving the performance and reliability of the products.

PEEK film can be used to make blades, turbine discs, valves and other parts of aero-engines. It has the characteristics of high temperature stability, high wear resistance, high strength, etc. It can withstand high temperature, high pressure and high speed in extreme environments.

PEEK film can make various medical device parts, such as artificial joints, dental implants, surgical instruments, etc. PEEK film has excellent biocompatibility and chemical stability, can be compatible with the human body tissues, and at the same time has the characteristics of high strength to meet the high requirements of medical devices on the material.
PEEK film can make electronic products in the high-performance electronic components, sensors, battery diaphragm and other components. PEEK film has high temperature stability, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and other characteristics, can work at high frequencies and high temperatures, and has good electrical properties.
PEEK film can make automotive parts, such as valve plates, friction materials, seals, etc. PEEK film has high-temperature stability, abrasion resistance and chemical stability, and is able to withstand the high temperature, high pressure and high speed of the automotive engine environmental requirements.
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