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PEI Film

About PEI Film

PEI, also known as polyetherimide, is a special engineering plastic. A transparent amber-coloured amorphous thermoplastic special engineering plastics, English name: Polyetherimide, abbreviated PEI.

The molecular structure of PEI contains both aromatic amine functional groups and ether structure, the aromatic ring and imide to give him stiff creep resistance and high temperature stability, while the ether bond makes it have thermoplastic moulding required by the smooth performance.

PEI density: 1.27g/cm³, glass transition temperature of 215 ℃, heat distortion temperature of 198-208 ℃.


The company, as a high-tech production enterprise that realises the lightweight and miniaturised application of PEI, has successfully developed PEI film, which is another high-performance special engineering plastics film that has been grandly launched after PEEK film. It is in a thin PEI film fully demonstrates the above inherent advantages and characteristics of PEI resin, fully broadens the application scenario of PEI, provides extraordinary flexibility and freedom for design engineers to carry out innovation, and also provides China's own solutions for China's high-end manufacturing.

Characteristics of PEI

Characteristics of PEI Film

● Amorphous thermoplastic high temperature resistant film.

    (Can be used for a long time in the range of 160°C-180°C)

Mechanical properties such as extremely high strength and modulus at elevated temperatures.

 Excellent dimensional stability. (Low creep sensitivity, low and uniform coefficient of thermal expansion)
Excellent insulating properties, stable dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df) over a wide temperature and frequency range.
Excellent flame retardancy and low smoke generation, in line with ABD, FAR and NBS requirements.
Excellent chemical resistance to most oils, detergents and disinfectants. 
Can withstand a variety of disinfection methods with visible light, infrared and microwave penetration.

Excellent mechanical strength and modulus, outstanding electrical performance. Stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor in a wide range of temperature (-40°C - 180°C) and frequency range can still remain basically constant.

PEI has outstanding inherent flame retardant, low smoke density and low heat release performance without adding any additives.

Good processing performance, PEl has low melting viscosity and high fluidity, can be used in traditional thermoplastic melting processing technology and equipment molding and so on.

Specific application scenarios

in the high-end field of PEI films

PEI is an excellent coating and film-forming material, which can form coatings and films suitable for the electronics industry, and can be used to manufacture microporous diaphragms with a pore size of <0.1μm and high permeability. It can also be used as high temperature adhesive and high strength fibre. Due to PEI's excellent comprehensive and balanced performance, the specific application scenarios of PEI films are mainly in the following high-end fields:


● Vibrating film materials for electroacoustic devices
● Temperature-resistant insulating materials for industrial applications (e.g. motors), membrane switches
● Base materials for 3D printing
● Bio-hybrid films for medical applications
● Film materials for professional temperature-resistant film capacitors
● High-temperature vacuum packaging film
● Solder Resist Tapes


FURUll as a high-tech production enterprise that realises the lightweight and miniaturised application of PEI, has successfully developed PEI film

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