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High Temperature Resistant And High Resolution Ink

High Temperature Resistant And High Resolution Ink

Product features:

● The particle size is less than 200 nm

● It can be cured at 500-1200 ℃ with high temperature resistance and no yellowing

● Suitable for 256 inkjet printing system, suitable for all kinds of general inkjet printer

 The substrate has strong adaptability, good adhesion, and uniform color high-definition text and image can be obtained after curing

 Good stability, can meet the requirements of most inkjet printers at home and abroad

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Product description



● With the continuous progress of production technology, in the process of industrial chain transformation and upgrading, we find that more and more high-temperature products need more decoration, tracing and providing analysis and improvement basis for the production process. At this time, the accurate pattern expression, differentiation and marking of products become very important, and high-temperature identification materials have always been a difficulty.


● Through cooperation with top scientific research institutes in the industry, relying on strong innovative materials and nano ceramic preparation technology advantages, our company has broken through the preparation technology of high-temperature ceramic ink for ink-jet printing, and developed high-temperature and high-resolution ink, which has been put into the market recently.



Industry application

High temperature resistant and high resolution ink can be used as the carrier of product information (fine pattern, two-dimensional code, bar code, etc.) in high-temperature production fields such as ceramic parts and metal material heat treatment, especially for high-temperature (> 600 ℃) product identification occasions. Our products provide excellent image display.

Industry application

Long term reliable stability and superb cost performance, help your products to the high end!


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