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Feida processing non stick coating

Feida processing non stick coating

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Basic parameters of coating

Scope of application: Anti sticking and anti sticking of parts

● Coating thickness0.1-0.3mm

● Coating roughnessRa3.0-15.0

 Coating colorGray, black, white

 Spraying substrateMetal surface


Label machine does not stick label processing


 ·The traditional "TEFLON" coating has a strong peeling force on the hot-melt adhesive, so it is difficult to deal with the adhesive layer attached on the surface of the parts in the stripping equipment of the labeling machine, which greatly affects the product quality and production efficiency. Moreover, due to the low surface hardness of the Teflon coating, it is not resistant to scratch and wear, and its non stick property will soon wear out, so its application effect and service life are extremely limited.


 ·For the labeling speed can not be improved, in order to solve and replace the traditional use of non stick coating in various industrial fields, "TEFLON" on the hot melt adhesive peel force is too large and wear resistance is not enough, resulting in non stick performance short time failure.


 ·Spray our non stick coating on the metal parts of the labeling machine to improve the non stick effect of the parts, prolong the service life, reduce the intensity and cycle of equipment maintenance, improve the efficiency of the equipment, improve the product cost and reduce the production cost.


Industry application

Paper products processing industry: It solves the problems of glue and adhesion in the process of transition roll rotation.

Industry application

Non standard automation industry:It improves the anti sticking performance of adhesive materials such as adhesive tape and label on the surface of flat plate and other metal parts.

New energy industry: improve the anti sticking performance of key components in the process of battery production and packaging

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