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Metal Surface Treatment Of Non Adhesive Tape

Metal Surface Treatment Of Non Adhesive Tape

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Basic parameters of coating

Scope of application: Anti sticking and anti sticking of parts

● Coating thickness0.1-0.3mm

● Coating roughnessRa3.0-15.0

 Coating colorGray, black, white

 Spraying substrateMetal surface


Product description



●Usually, some of the driving rollers of these equipments need to contact the gluing surface, printing surface or printing and dyeing surface. The non dry printing surface and printing and dyeing surface are easy to contaminate the roller and affect the product surface pattern. The traditional use of "TEFLON" coating on hot melt adhesive peeling force is too large, that is, the non stick energy is not significant and the wear resistance is not enough, resulting in non stick performance short time failure, resulting in low production efficiency, short maintenance cycle and high cost. The patented technology "thermal spraying anti adhesion and wear resistance coating" developed by our company adopts plasma thermal spraying technology, uses nickel base alloy dispersion combined with polymer anti adhesion material, and uses bionics "lotus leaf effect". The coating has extremely low adhesive peel force and excellent wear resistance, and its overall performance is tens of times higher than that of Teflon coating, reaching the national leading level in this field.

Industry application

Paper products processing industry: It solves the problems of glue and adhesion in the process of transition roll rotation.

Industry application

Non standard automation industry:It improves the anti sticking performance of adhesive materials such as adhesive tape and label on the surface of flat plate and other metal parts.

New energy industry: improve the anti sticking performance of key components in the process of battery production and packaging

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