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Spray non stick coating manufacturer an dcomponent manufacturer

Spray non stick coating manufacturer an dcomponent manufacturer

Basic parameters of coating

Scope of application: Anti sticking and anti sticking of parts

● Coating thickness0.1-0.3mm

● Coating roughnessRa3.0-15.0

 Coating colorGray, black, white

 Spraying substrateMetal surface

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Non adhesive coating

The traditional Teflon coating has too much peeling force on hot melt adhesive or adhesive tape, poor anti adhesion performance, poor wear resistance at high speed operation, resulting in rapid failure. The anti adhesion and durability still can not meet the production requirements, so there is a great demand for the coating to further improve the anti adhesion performance.
·Through targeted research and development, we use unique coating formula and coating process to upgrade the non adhesive ceramic coating, which has extremely strong anti adhesion performance. We carry out composite ceramic coating treatment on the metal surface that needs super strong non sticking performance, so that the processed surface has excellent anti sticking performance, which can perfectly replace the conventional Teflon or silica gel coating scheme The operation efficiency of the equipment is improved.
·Super anti adhesion: all kinds of self-adhesive, label, transparent tape, double-sided adhesive tape and hot sol can peel off easily after contact, which effectively solves the adhesive problem of adhesive tape, obviously improves the operation efficiency of the equipment and ensures the efficient operation of the equipment.

Industry application

Paper products processing industry: It solves the problems of glue and adhesion in the process of transition roll rotation.

Industry application

Non standard automation industry:It improves the anti sticking performance of adhesive materials such as adhesive tape and label on the surface of flat plate and other metal parts.

New energy industry: improve the anti sticking performance of key components in the process of battery production and packaging

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