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Part design and plasma non stick coating

Part design and plasma non stick coating

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Basic parameters of coating

Scope of application: Anti sticking and anti sticking of parts

● Coating thickness0.1-0.3mm

● Coating roughnessRa3.0-15.0

 Coating colorGray, black, white

 Spraying substrateMetal surface


Product description


With plasma, components can be tempered with various coats. This is done by supplying gaseous and liquid starting substances. The raw materials, mostly short-chain monomers, crosslink in the plasma to form long-chain polymers.


Benefits of plasma coating
 ✓ Extremely thin coats in the nm range are possible
 ✓ Constant processes suitable for series production possible due to complete automation
 ✓ Wide range of variants are possible
 ✓ No temperature increase
 ✓ No solvents
 ✓ Excellent penetration into crevices and holes
 ✓ Suitable for piece goods and bulk material

Our plasma non stick coating, after processing the plasma non stick coating on the metal surface, achieves the effect of non stick adhesive tape at all, lasting anti stick, high efficiency and durability, solves the mechanical damage caused by component bonding in the production process of adhesive tape, and greatly improves the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment.

Industry application


Plasma non stick coating in our systems creates perfect surface characteristics for process steps such as printing, bonding or foiling.



Industry application

In the applicable conditions of metal parts, equipment production parts or tape production machinery, plasma non stick coating can be processed on the surface of parts to ensure that there is no sticking machine and tape difficult to clean in the production process, which makes the production process more cost-effective and ecompatible production.

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